How Far Has UNESCO Succeeded Towards Its Aims?


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The UNESCO or the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization was formed to build peace in the hearts of man through programs in Education, Communication, Cultural interaction etc. Though UNESCO now has over 5000 clubs and associations in over 120 countries, 7500 associated schools in 170 countries and even though its annual budget amounts to around 610 million dollars and around another 360 million dollars in extra budget resources most of its aims seem unaccomplished. There are over 862 million people the world over who are illiterate. Cultural sites the protection and preservation of which is one of its prerogatives are either destroyed or threatened from the Buddha of Bamiyan to the Taj Mahal in India. The world is seeing an increase in devastation of marine and forest habitats, water shortages and there are more conflicts the world over now then were ever existing at one time in history. But this lack of success is not on point of any inaction or inefficiency. The shear tasks it has taken upon itself are both huge in scale and scope and seem impossible to accomplish.

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