What Fundamental Changes Has The Internet Brought To Marketing?


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Limuel Jonson answered
The internet made way to the rise of internet marketing and online business transactions, giving businessmen and buyers easier time to transact and do their business. Also, the internet, which has hundreds of millions of users around the world, allow striving entrepreneurs to be exposed to  a bigger number of audience, do their promotional tactics to get more customers and buyers.

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sam weedwiki answered

Internet marketing give the boost to your business. It is very fast way then the other way of marketing. It gives the million of audience around the word.

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Anuj Mishra answered

Posters and banner now don't have as much effect as online advertisements do. Only the number of people who will pass by the posters will get to see it. But on the internet, there are countless of people to reach to. But, it has become quite difficult for marketers owing to the hefty competition of online marketers. Now, only those who are familiar with every insight of online marketing can go their business reputation management.

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