What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Political/legal Environment?


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Any type of politics is all to do with the competition that occurs when ideas and methods that are to do with making decisions are debated amongst members of that political party. This term can be applied and used to describe any political group or party, it is usually meant to be used to when talking about political parties at a government level.

  • Advantage of compromise.
In an environment where no competing political parties or factions exist, then the only party that rules can do whatever they like. Although this may seem like an efficient system to follow, if there is anyone in the general public who disagrees then there is no way for their voice to be heard and represented. If there is political competition in their environment, then it is possible for everyone's voice to be heard and the competition between the parties can ensue.

  • The advantage of debate.
If a government is composed of people who all agree with each other, then intellectual dynamism is missing. If it is composed of people who disagree with each other then a debate will ensue that explores all of the options that are available. These debates can then lead to a refining of ideas that will affect the entire country.

  • The Disadvantage of Gridlock.
When there are a lot of people in a political environment that have conflicting ideas. This can lead to the worst ever type of dysfunction. As mentioned above, compromise can do great things for a political party and the rest of the country, but it can only work if all members of the party are willing to talk and compromise. They must also be able to admit that there is reasoning to what the opposing people have to say. If the people in that government cannot agree then the party system will grind to a halt.

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