What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Political Correctness?


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Political correctness is largely considered to be a leftist trait. Created by leftist administrations, political correctness is a way of talking about things without, supposedly, offending a person. For instance, if you were to refer to a Pakistani person as a ‘Paki’, then that would in many countries and societies be considered racist and not politically correct.

In this sense, it seems that the advantage of political correctness is that it stops people from being openly unpleasant, derogatory or prejudice, and allows people to learn how to talk to everybody without being offensive. In today’s multicultural age, this seems like a fantastic advantage that nobody could argue with.

One disadvantage, however, is that this removes everybody’s individual freedom of speech. Technically, anybody should be able to say what they like, and as long as they know they are not being racist or prejudice, what they say should have as much validity as what somebody who is politically correct might have said.

Whilst it is important that we live in a tolerant society (and that works both ways, the indigenous people should have respect as much as people moving to the country should have respect), it must be considered that individual rights should not be infringed. Whilst political correctness, as long as it’s kept under control by sensible bureaucrats, is a great way of ensuring that everybody is treated with mutual respect, it must also be considered that individuals should be able to maintain their rights to say and think whatever they like - as long as it does not harm anybody else.
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According to Wikipedia the term political correctness implies “language, ideas, policies, and behaviour seen as seeking to minimize social offense in gender, racial, cultural, sexual orientation, handicap, and age-related contexts”.  Political correctness limits freedom of speech, and creativity in society.  Political correctness damages culture by diluting values, traditions and society in total.

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