Describe What Would Happen If An Outside Agency Determined The Prices EBay Could Charge?


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Depending on the outside agency and the reasons for them to have that control of determining would most likely make ebay useless as a free enterprise with verying prices according to items and areas they are being sold from and other words it would drive the cost up on everything to where individuals could not find a bargain compared to the stores/malls.not to mention paying this new agency for it's control over the ebay organization.this is I believe the whole idea for having ebay to be able to find a bargain/deal with people you would not normally be able to interact with because of the cost of business and travel to locate these other words it would be just another way to bring the government into ebay charging taxes in to the extreme on most items that have already had taxes paid on them. I guess the old saying is true being taxed to pay a tax when you buy it new then the person who buys it from you used would pay a tax and then if they sold it they would pay tax on it and round and round it goes.funny how when ebay was being used for garage type sales no one had  any interest in it but now we have outside agencies wanting accountability for the transactions on the site.not to mention the federal government.but on the other hand if ebay was not doing such massive trade and shipping they would not also need the protection of the local and federal government to prevent crime. So I guess you could not have one without the that said I wonder how ebay knows whether or not sellers are playing the odds when selling a item and artificially driving the cost of their items being sold up by having shall we say friends(fiends) making fake bids.I wonder if they ever check into who bids on these big priced items(cars) helping to drive the cost of certain items value up just before the final bid by someone else.sometimes I get the feeling the bids are little hinky.just a feeling I get.I can't explain it.blah blah blah(means you get the idea and I could go on).later

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