What Security Breaches May Cause Harm To An Organization Or Its Clients? # Why Is It Important To Ensure A Proper Level Of Security? # What Tools Are Available To Prevent Breaches?


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Funny that this is a discussion question because I have seen this first hand on both sides as a client and an organization.  I currently work for a major financial institution that had this particular issue of security breach that caused a major uproar with our clients.  It wasn't a direct security breach but the company that makes our check cards, their system was hacked and several merchants had our clients card numbers come across their system.  This effected more than 50,000 clients in a manner of having to reissue new cards just for the purpose of security.  This effected our organization because all the client sees is that it was our system not the in depth truth.  So with that they begin to question our security and not feel so trust worthy with us.  Also on the organization side this cost a lot of time and money in dealing with trying to generate the new cards as fast as possible to avoid further issues with those cards that were and could possibly be used fraudulently.

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