Why Do You Want To Work For Primark?


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Primark has more than 200 stores across Ireland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Belgium. The largest Primark store is situated on Market Street in Manchester, England which has a whopping 100,000 sq ft (9,300 sq m) of retail space stretched out across its three floors.

Whether it is checking for new stocks or just buying new merchandise for the spring and summer collections, working for Primark offers a challenging role in a fun fashion orientated environment. Primark provides people with the opportunity to learn about cutting edge fashion whether you feel your strengths lie in being a store manager, a sales assistant, a buyer or a professional specialist in head office.

It is often a highly skilled people person job where you will be interacting with the public on a daily basis and helping to solve customer queries about fashion and different garments. If you progress high enough up the ladder then you will have the chance to even work abroad or even purchase products as a buyer from numerous countries including India and China.

According to their website, Primark is a ’Very fast-paced environment, very sales-driven and product-focused where there are great opportunities for career progression…a very rewarding positive experience, where you don't feel like hard work ever goes unnoticed.’

In addition all managers can create their own destiny and it is not dependent on location, sales performance or level of promotion; it's simply there for the taking.

Primark employees are forward-thinking; pre-empting problems and solving them immediately is a key skill that will serve you well in any field of business. If you decide to take a leap and work hard, then you will reap the rewards of this fun-filled and fast moving retail operator.
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If possible why not do both jobs? It would mean you'd get extra hours and also get an insight on both jobs and then decide where you want to stay.

Also make a list of pro's & cons of each position and the one which has more/greater benefits to you go for that.

Also, one thing to bear in mind in every job you will come across people you don't get along with. You just have to strive through and see the long term benefit of working - experience, skills and a wage.I suggest  you primark cardiff opening times through this you get more results about cardiff primark .

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Because Jobseekers Allowance, as enjoyable as it is in compar rison, does not enable me to buy 24 packs of soecial brew

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