Where Can I Get A Food Licence In Ireland?


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If you’re looking to cook food, sell food, or open a restaurant, then you’re going to need a food licence. In Ireland, you would go about obtaining one of these by getting in touch directly with the Food Safety Authority of Ireland either over the telephone, the Internet or through the post. Outline your business, your plans and what exactly you require. Then wait for a response, and you’ll be provided with the instructions you need to go ahead, obtain your good license and start selling food from whatever business it is that you wish to start operating.

This organization was created as a statutory body under the Food Safety Authority of Ireland Act over 10 years ago. It’s there to provide all consumers with high-quality goods, as well as protect them from consuming goods which could cause them harm, or which are unfit for sale.

The body ensures that all food that is distributed, marketed or produced within Ireland meets only the highest standards of quality and hygiene. Hence, if you want to obtain a food license in Ireland, this is the code of conduct that you must stick by. Failure to do so will see your license taken away from you, and potential legal actions being taken against you.

It’s rather simple to obtain the food license that you require to sell, market, and distribute. Remember: As long as you maintain a good practice of hygiene and quality food preparation, your food license will always be with you.
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Depending on which county you are trading, you also need a casual trading licence off the local authority.

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