Should You File For Social Security If Your Child Has ADHD?


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Okay I am answering this firstly because I have two kids with ADHD that do receive disability benefits. To meet the requirements for disability, the child must have a disability that affects daily functioning and it must be a condition that is expected to last for more than one year. My son is 6, we have been going through this since 2007, he was approved first go around with no problems but I had LOTS of documentation from PCP, Psychiatrist, and the 8 daycares he was kicked out of. My daughter is 8, she is not just ADHD but borderline bipolar, and has been baker acted. Twice. I was approved for her too on the first try. Plenty of documentation from teachers, pediatricians, psychiatrists, daycares, and any inpatient stays. Make sure you have a list of every professional who has contact with the child, SSI will ask for it. Teachers, principles, know when suspensions happened, daycares, pediatrician visits, medications the child has tried and failed on. It is an intensive process, you have to have all the information going in.
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Actually, yes, you can.  My 9 year old daughter was just approved for ssi and she has adhd and odd.  She is in special education at her school because they couldn't handle her.  ADHD is a recognized disability according to SSI.  Its right there on the website.  Best of luck to you!!
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Yes my kid has adhd and gets it
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Which web site do I go to, to find out information about filing for ssi for a child with adhd
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Ok I have a 5 year old son who has ADHD,I was wondering what all I have to do to get him signed up for SSI? He has been put on medication but he still is having trouble in school and his behavior is crazy. What can I do to help him?
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This is confusing.  There are many children with ADHD who do not receive Social Security.   But if you think this is a disability that you cannot help your child overcome. ( MANY DO OUT GROW IT!)
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No... ADHD is not an eligible illness for SSI. I looked into it last fall and was told that no matter how severe it was it didn't qualify. They didn't offer a reason but I think its because theres so many kids labeled as ADHD that shouldn't be. My son Is ADHD and has emotional disabilities and he doesn't qualify either, even though it impairs his life greatly.... However if you want to let your child get drunk every nite and say hes an alcoholic... He can get disability for the rest of his life.... Even if he sobers up and never takes a drink again...... Not fair huh?

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