Which Is Not Included In An Organization's Operational Needs?


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The operational needs of an organization are those that are set out in the marketing plan that is put together, normally at the outset of the business, and periodically thereafter.

There are a number of items that should not be included in the marketing plan of a business and these include items that do not affect the day-to-day running of the business. Items that could be classed as not affecting the running of a business include the long-term assets of the company, such as equipment and land. These will already have been paid for, and as such do not come into play when putting together a marketing plan, or mapping out the needs of an organization. The land houses the buildings, which in turn, house the equipment, and although they are used to produce the output of a business the general operation should not be affected by them, unless equipment needs replacing.

Debts of the business should not be included in the marketing plan, as these are a part of the business that should only be mentioned in the businesses accounts, which the operational needs have no part of. The only items that pass through the accounts that should be part of the marketing plan are replenishment of stock and distribution and production costs.

Another item that shouldn't be included in the marketing plan is the payroll amounts. Again, these will pass through the accounts of a business, but will generally be fixed amounts, and should not be included.

The marketing plan looks at certain aspects of the business including:
• The current situation of the business
• The threats, weaknesses, strengths and opportunities of the business
• Market research of strategy and products
• A financial summary of the business
• Predictions for the future of the business
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What is not included in an  organizational operational needs

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