How Can We Solve The Problem Of Unemployment In Pakistan?


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The basic causes of unemployment in the country are mainly the lack of proper infrastructure joined by the lack of proper education. There is no technical education available to the masses and even the people who are skilled don’t have enough opportunities for employment due to the lack of jobs which is in turn due to lack of industries.

The first thing that should be done is for the government to take steps to increase production in the country and also attract investments which doesn’t seem very achievable keeping the social and economic situation of the country in view. There should be more opportunities for people to educate themselves as well but it should be affordable. The wage condition of the people also needs to be considered.

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The govt institutions r corrupt they should b corrected which will enhance the govt revenue and that surplus shoud b spent on youth.
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Unemployment in Pakistan is due to the government . 

If the state holders of our country are not right, how can they want the country to progress!

And also, our country  has not progress in any field, to resolve the problems it faces because of our country's representatives and the people in power are not sincere.  Our state officials are not educated well, while the emerging classes they rule are trying to become educated and wiser.

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