In The State Of Kentucky How Many Days In A Row Can Your Employer Work You?


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I'm afraid the Employer can work you as many days in a row as you are willing to put up with so long they are  paying you. There is only a law that states for every hour over 40 they are required to pay you time and a half unless you are in certain kinds of jobs. Call the State of Kentucky, and ask them if your job falls under one of those categories that excludes you from OT. But, to your original question, they can work you everyday, where that can really suck is in a part-time arrangement where you are under 35 hours per week you never get to the overtime, AND the employer think since you are a part-timer that you won't mind taking the crap shift because you work "fewer hours than everyone else...

I wouldn't do anything drastic if you couldn't run right out and replace that job easily, but I would check out what is available before asking the boss to treat you like a fucking human being and schedule you a regular day off...
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The employer does not decide how much you work unless you sign a contract and if you give them the power to tell you what to do in order to keep your job. In other words if you accept a job working 5 days then you work 5 days.if you choose to take a job working 6-7 days then you choose to hire yourself out for those days. Now if you take 24 hours and deduct 8 hours for sleep and 3 hours for meals and 2 hours for traveling back and forth to work you can only do 11-12 hours a day and stay healthy/alert enough to do your basically it is up to you to decide how many days in a row you work no matter what a employer says.besides you need time to take care of your errands,doctors appointments,dentist appointment,getting your eyes checked,so on and so on. So I would not work more than 6 days in a row for no one. No matter what they paid. It's not worth your health or your make sure you read any work contract you sign before hiring on. And ask a lot of questions to the person interviewing you. And read their rule book to make sure they can't give you the old mandatory work hours line. While the management goes home and takes the week end off. And make sure they can't give you the old on call routine making you come in and work for no pay above your regular wages.I suggest you read up on the kentucky hours and wage laws so no employer can play games with your paycheck or hours or your

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