How Do I Find Out What Number I Am For Section 8 Housing?


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Contact that agency from time to time to check your position on the waiting list. You will want to follow up with them advising them of any address changes in writing (keep a copy) as soon as they occur because if they try to send you mail and it gets returned you may be eliminated from the list completely.
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You need to call your local office, and see where you are on the list.
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Barbara A. Mosley, 5225 Trojan Ave. # 12, San Diego, CA. 92115, (619-582-0076, 564-80-9595.
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You call and ask the customer service rep (the number on your paper) follow the prompt ask them and they should tell you if have been waiting for a long time I would suggest write a letter explaining your proplem and send that to make copy for yourself as well  and mail it writeing letter always help.
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My name is brenda harris I lived 945 n leamington didnt receive a number yet I did apply

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