What External Information Might Be Required In Order To Construct Useful And Usable Plans For A Team?


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The answer to this is so simple: Research! You can never do too much research, if you're doing it properly. It is pointless to just go online and print off everything you can possibly find on the area that you're interested in but, if you look for the information in a calm, patient manner than you will find a lot more than just wasted sheets of A4 paper.

Make sure you look for keywords in information by pressing Control + F on your keyboard when reading an article or scanning a webpage for information. This way you can cut out all of the information that you don't need which will save you time and effort. The longer you sit researching for, the less helpful the research will be that you find, because you will undoubtedly get bored, meaning the work will be less worthwhile.

Key tips to consider when researching:

• Take notes down as you're reading the information which you can read back and work from when you have finished your research. These notes will be personal to you and based on things that you can understand and share with other people, instead of a ton of waffle that you've downloaded off the Internet.
• Again, don't just print out everything you can find on the topic; be selective with your finds. Make sure that you don't just overload yourself with information as it won't be retained, meaning that your efforts will just go to waste.

Research for team work when making plans is essential, you need to know what to do, who's going to do it and look at the competition to see how they do it too. You can always learn from the actions of successful companies and other teams, leading to you being able to incorporate it into your own work.

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