Why You Want To Become A Cabin Crew ?


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There are many reasons why people would want to become a cabin crew member. Travelling the world is a main perk for flight attendants because they get to experience a number of different countries and cities. In addition, they usually get to spend the night in various destinations and don't have to go through the hassle of booking hotels because the airline will provide one for them. Furthermore, the airline will cover the expense of meals as well as some frequent-flyer programmes. Moreover, cabin crew can earn between $30,000 to $50,000 a year, however you should keep in mind that some starting salaries can be around $14,000.

If you're looking to apply for a job as a flight attendant then you will need a high school diploma or a GED. Also, having a college experience will work in your favour as well as previous customer service experience. In addition, it is important to look smart and speaking another language will impress employers. There are two types of cabin crew members known as lineholders and reserves. Lineholders are the more experienced crew members who are given a set schedule in advance of their flights, while reserves are requested when a lineholder is unavailable. There are a number of duties that apply to the various members of the cabin crew such as attending meetings and briefings regarding safety issues, weather and flight time as well as making announcements to passengers. Furthermore, the cabin crew are responsible for preparing dining supplies and checking the carry-on luggage while the flight attendants review safety procedures with passengers and attend to their needs in terms of questions, food and beverages.
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I want to become a cabin crew because I have great customer service job experience.I believe one of the major responsibility of a flight attendant is to deliver great customer service.that's why I took the career of a medical sales representative, I was trained and gained experience in terms of dealing with my client's needs and wants, and also to be attentive to each and every customer I have. In addition to that, I'm always a people person,that's why I find it easy to interact with different types of people and I also believe that teamwork is every important in order to achieve common goals :)
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If ever you apply for a cabin crew position, rest assured that you will be asked this question during the interview. The answer to this question is simple, if you really want to be a cabin crew member, your answer is right there with you.

I would answer this question in this way:

"  My reasons for becoming a cabin crew member are diverse. First of all, I have been interested in this field  from the beginning. I believe the core values like patience, dedication that are essential for this profession are found in abundance in me. Then also, this opportunity to work in your organization is a once in a lifetime one. So I believe my capabilities combined by your brand name and training would help me rise in this profession."
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This is one of the common questions asked in a Cabin Crew Interview. You can answer like " I want to become a cabin crew member because I love being of help to people. I believe it is a very sacred profession and values a lot to me. The best airline will have the best service. Thus Cabin Crew plays an important role in the making of an airline. I want to be one because I think it is a very dynamic growth and rewards trend and it is best suited to me.
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The only reason behind to become a cabin crew is that I love interact with different people of different cultures  & from different places. I make people happy so that they come to meet me again & again.
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First of course the benefits they are offering,but thats not the only thing,its the dream come true to explore and to give my service to a customers/passenger and to reach there expectations of being a cabin crew..and to exercise my skills.
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You can get a detailed guide to passing the cabin crew interview at However, you do have to pay for this.

Of the free tips I've seen, the best is at This includes information about the job, pros and cons and useful links.

With any "why do you want" question, the important thing is to ask yourself what you would want to hear, if you were the interviewer. While still being honest, you should try to give an answer that makes you sound as if you have plenty to offer the company. Good luck with the interview.
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My strength is patience,I'm smart,I like to talk politely to everyone.I like to keep smiling.also I like to make others smile or laugh.I like 2 fly all over the world.I'm bold.Also,I'm getting knowledge abt the air hostess on internet.b'coz I really want 2 make my carrer in,I think,according to above mentioned this job really suits me.
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I want to become a cabin crew because this is the better ways for me to enhance my knowledge. Furthermore I do have opportunities to contact differences cabin crew come from different country. Alternatively, I will be proud of the attire because it's look attractive and I wish to wear it a long time.
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It's has been my ambition since I was a little girl. Their smiles make me want to be one of them. They are always smiling where ever they go. The service they provide is superb, that one of the points I want to be like them. I get to meet different different kind of people, their characters, countries, I get to learn more about what is life really means to me.
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The Reason why I wanted to become a Flight Attendant is because I wanted to see the world of diversity and colourful culture. Being a Flight Attendant will give me an opportunity to experience to be part of the team. I also will learn more about the art of customer service.

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Cabin crew job is a dream job for any candidates
as it is now much popular job which offers high package salary. It also
provides many vacancies to the candidates to showcase their skills in this
field. Professionalism is what makes cabin crew job worth. There has been seen
a long transition in this job profile where its architecture has changed a lot.

There are numbers of job available for cabin
crew on the job portal of Monster Singapore. You can easily job search Singapore for more job updates. For this, you can upload your updated
resume on the website and apply for the relevant job.

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It is not a question of "we". Rather, people become a member of the cabin crew because they need a job. Others prefer to be with the cabin crew because that is what they long the record...they get lots of tips.
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Most of the people like to become part of a cabin crew because they get the opportunity to travel across the world without spending any money on air tickets and hotels. I have talked various stewards and air hostesses and they all replied the same answer, that is traveling passion.
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I want to be a cabin crew :
1) to have a enough experience to be a good team player
2) to see more different Places
3) to know more cultures with different nationality
4) it will provide me with a good personality
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The job opportunities are varied, and you get to travel a lot. The pay isn't that great, but the people you work with usually have the same interests you do, and that can be important on a job.
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Because I want to be called as "Singaporean Girl" - the icon of flight stewardess from Singapore Airlines.
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Becouse I like singapur airline and I wont to working with sigapur airline that's why

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