If You Have To Put Your Parent In The Nursing Home, Medicare Only Pays For The First Ninety Days, You Don't Have The Funds To Pay, How Far Back Can They Go And Take Personal Property?


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Every country has its own Medicare policies. If you live in USA, then I am giving you few links which might be helpful for you. These websites are official websites of US govt which provide all information about the nursing homes, Medicare and Medicaid. Please visit these sites.
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You must be spent down to a low amount (lets say $ 2,000) of personal assets before you can qualify for Medicaid assistance.  If you give away money or property so your assets are low enough to qualify for Medicaid, there is a "look back" period of approx. 5 years.  If you gave away money or property during that time, Medicaid will penalize you in the amount you gave away.  If nursing home cost is $ 200 per day and you gave away
$ 20,000, you would be responsible to pay the first 100 days of care yourself.  This is a generalization and actual regulations could be different since I have last seen them, but this is the basic approach.

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