What Is The Difference Between Non-bureaucratic Organizations And Bureaucratic Organizations?


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Bureaucratic organizations are those that are run or managed by the state, whereas non-bureaucratic organizations are usually privately owned and are not under government control.

Aside from the obvious details mentioned above, what are the other differences between both organization models?

• As bureaucratic organizations are controlled by the state, there is less flexibility in terms of policies and other procedures that need to be followed. Within this type of organization, the management will not be able to make many personal decisions without consulting higher authorities.

• In contrast, non-bureaucratic organizations can be more flexible in terms of how they manage their employees, the types of contracts they go after and the type of pensions they can offer. Although they will still have to adhere to some rules and regulations set by the state, there will be less 'red tape' and fewer formal procedures to follow.

• Within a bureaucratic organization, there is usually a strict hierarchy. Most employees will spend years working within the same department and may get regular promotions. Working for this type of organization usually pays better than a position in a non-bureaucratic organization.

• A non-bureaucratic organization may not be able to match a higher salary such as that offered in a state-controlled organization, but it may be able to offer more flexibility to employees in terms of progression and development.

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