What Is The Role Of Media In Present Day?


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Without the the media no one would know what obama is up to how to  sweeten the deal for a louisiana senator like mary landrieu to vote for what obama waaaaants her state got 300 hundred million just for her vote and at first she swore  she did not want the healthcare bill the way is was, no wonder everyone is mad. I wish they would get rid of pelosi, reid,obama ,the whole bunch  in d.c and start all over again.
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I don't think media is playin it's role in a correct's concentrating more on the unwanted issues rather than focusing on the necessary a coin will have 2 faces media is also having the same duty to prioritize the telecast of wanted n unwanted issues.there may be a result in showing the necessary steps in preventing a adverse cause rather than telecasting the adverse effect a 100 times  in which our media is lagging

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