Discuss Public Relations In Developing Countries?


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There are many ways of looking at particular issues facing PR professionals in the developing countries. The main ones would be the dearth of Western media in a particular location, limitations of existing media and problems with communication with possibly illiterate people living in remote areas.

The independent mass media tend to flourish in democratic societies. However, that is not the case in autocratic regimes. There are different levels of censorship on what the media can and can't report on and what can be advertised.

The level of literacy, the access to television, the sophistication of economy - those are just some of the factors which PR professionals need to take into account when working in the developing world.

There are also many cultural differences they need to be aware of, not only in formal advertising, but also when it comes to word of mouth. We all know that networking is a powerful PR tool. In the US for example, networking is normally done in the open, at events. Whilst in China, it is very often secretive and discussions take place in private.

Many books have been written on this very complex issue, it is worth checking those out for a detailed insight into this subject.
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PR is significant
-to make people aware
-formulation and implementation
-two way flow of communication for effective dissemination of information and feedback

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