What Are The General Steps Which Must Be Followed In Any Research Process?


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Tauseef Sheikh Profile
Tauseef Sheikh answered
There are basically 7 steps
1: Define Problems and Opportunities
2: Set Objectives, financial resources, and Timelines
3: Select Research Types, Means, and Methods
4: Design Research
5: Collect Data
6: Arrange and Evaluate the Data
7: Write Research Report
moodie madd Profile
moodie madd answered
1. Get ideas on topics and where to look
2. Write down facts category by category
3. Make sure to write down you citations
-make sure to use at least a couple books. They are better resources !
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Anonymous answered
Look, listen, observe, and respect!
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Glen Thornbury answered
Plus obey all the present Universal Laws of Nature!
It's when you get into NEW Unknown areas that is where it's Real Rough!

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