Which Is The Best SAP FINANCE MODULE Training Institute (study Center) In Chennai?


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To know about various institutes offering the best Best SAP FINANCE MODULE course visit  www.traininghubs.com

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It is great that you have decided to do SAP training after your MBA Degree. The best institute to do SAP training is from SAP's official partners. In Chennair, Siemens Information Systems Limited is the official partner of SAP and conducts trainings. Below is the address of the Institute:
5th Floor, 144, Mahatma Gandhi Road
Nungambakkam Chennai - 600034
Tel: (91) 44 28334360/28334361/28334362
Fax: (91) 44 28334366
Contact Person: Ms.Sangeeta Arora
E-mail: [email protected]
Siemens Information Systems Limited

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