Why Is Respect At Work Important?


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Respect at work is always important because it promotes healthy working relationships between you and your colleagues, demonstrates to your manager or boss that you know they hold more power than you do, and, if you are working with customers, creates a good image of your workplace and encourages customers to come back time and time again.

Respecting your colleagues is incredibly important because it makes your workplace a pleasant and friendly place to be. If colleagues are constantly rude, selfish, or cruel to one another, then it demonstrates a lack of respect and can make working difficult. Next time a colleague asks you for help or advice, be willing to give it to them, as it shows that you value their contributions to your workplace and increases the likelihood that they, in turn, will show the same respect to you and to others in the future.

Showing respect for your superiors is also highly important within the workplace. Your manager, boss, or supervisor ultimately has more power than you do, and can make drastic changes to your working life. It is your boss who is responsible for promoting you, firing you, or providing you with a reference for your next job, so showing respect to them is essential in making your working life pleasant and easier. If your superior asks you to do something for them, then within reason, you should do it with no questions asked.

If you are working with customers, they are the driving force behind your business or workplace. You wouldn't have a job if customers didn't come into your shop, your restaurant, or your theater to use the services your workplace provides, so showing respect to them is of the highest priority. When a customer enters your workplace, you should be courteous enough to allow them space to make their own choices, but should be eager and willing to help them if they should need it. You should also be polite to customers, even if they are rude to you - apologize for any wrong-doings and do all you can to help them.
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Respect is basically an attitude as well as a personal quality. Respect at workplace is mostly demonstrated with controlling actions. Infact at workplace, every opinion of an employee should be respected, in order to make an employee feel a part of the organization. It is all about treating your co workers with kindheartedness, politeness and courtesy. This is a very important as well as essential attitude, which in turn will ensure an understanding, and qualified workplace. In the workplace, your best guide is respect rather than your own thinking, which could be a little unacceptable to co-workers.
The golden rule, 'respect at work' does apply to every organization and also as a proficient narrator says, "Implement the platinum rule: treat others as they wish to be treated." And hence, a culture of respect at workplace can prevent any kind of harassment.
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Respect at work is important because people get better privileges. For example, let's say that your boss won't givve you a promotion, then you get mad and treat him/her with no respect. Then what happens? You get fired! So to summerze and to not bore you, there's just one motto that suits respect best, "What you do in life, echoes in eternity". Treat others the way you want to be treated. And hey! Maybe you WILL get a promotion, eventually...
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without respect no discipline that's why

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