What Questions Should I Ask About Leasing A Building For Business?


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There are several factors to consider. First are you using a realestate agent or are you in direct contact with the owner. Make sure you go over the terms and conditions of the lease very carefully. You need to ask questions such as who will carry the insurance. The building has to be insured by the owner, but, ask "if" and "what" are covered by the owner. On all things. Ask who pays the utilities who covers repairs and maintenance. If you want more info I do business consultation I would be happy to answer your questions. Hit my shoutbox to ask me any questions or give me an email address and I can walk you through the process or answer any of your questions... Let me know if this helps...
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Hello and thank you in advance for information you are able to give me.. I am a new business owner, never owned my own, first time for this whole process. I need to know all of the important questions I need to ask in order to purchase a building I found that was previously Sharper Image. I just need to know what is the most important when talking to the owner and what is that I need to get out of the deal..
If you don't have the money to get this wrong then your best bet is to hire an attorney who specializes in real estate. He will negotiate the best rate on the lease and will make sure they don't try to cheat you on the contract. Spend a few thousand now to avoid spending many thousands later.
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A building for automotive work is being leased with 3 owners.
What is the legal process if 1 of the owners want to leave the business?

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