How Information Is Used For A Range Of Purposes In A Selected Organisation?


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P2  Describe how information is used for a range of purposes in a selected organization.

Organizations are built around a collection of functions, each of which provides support of the business. Functional department each serves a specific purpose within an organization to achieve its objectives. The most common functional areas of an organization are discussed below.
In a large organization, each of the functional department may be separate, whereas smaller organizations may have integrated departments, smaller organizations may carry out tasks and responsibilities of each functional department, but without the dedicated resources to support it. For example, a small shop selling refreshments would need to sell, promote, purchase stock, distribute stock and finance it, but all of these roles may be carried out by a single person.
Department within an organization need to communicate with each other to ensure that they share information and good practice; To ensure that this happens effectively, a number measures need to be taken. The first is ensuring that a good organizational structure is in place with appropriate levels. Secondly, steps need to be taken to ensure that the flow of information between the levels of an organization is open and fluent.
The sale team deal with the costumers and generate orders. The techniques  used to generate sales varies between organizations, but some of the most  common are telephone, door-to-door sales, advertising  and direct sales through representatives. The sales department may also provide supporting functions to other departments, particularly if the organization does not have dedicated marketing or customer service department.
The sales functions are critical to the success of an organization because it provides the direct link to customers and generate income.
The purchasing department is responsible for monitoring how many products or stock is required at any one time and buying accordingly. The purchasing department may also be responsible for buying in consumable products, such as stationary, within the organization.
Depending on the type of the organization, one of the functional department may be manufacturing, who would deal with all the processing of products or services.
Large national or multi-national organization offering a diverse range of products or services would certainly need a manufacturing department to spearhead product development.

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