What's Distinguish Between Task And General Environment?


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You can distinguish between the differences of the general environment and the task environment as although they have similar features in business they are not the same.
This is because the general environment can affect anyone in an industry, whereas the task environment also includes sectors that the organization interacts directly to make a direct impact on the organization's capability to reach its goals through its operations and performance.

This task environment normally includes the industry, competitors and the customers, while it sometimes includes techniques of production, suppliers, raw materials and market sectors. Some organizations will also have human resources and the international sector as part of this environment.

It is where a company operates within the second sub environment that actually lies outside of the business. It is affected by the variables in the market environment and these affect the business, making it important for the management to react on opportunities and pressure in the market environment; whereas the general environment is the layer of the external environment that will only affect the organization indirectly.

It is the one that is furthest away from the widely dispersed organization and is defined as the outer layer. The organization is indirectly affected by the general environment and parts of it include social, demographic, economic factors.
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Gernal enviroment con be efficet every one inany industry  market inmore or less similar manner.but the task enviroment include secoter with wich the orgenization typically include the industry competitors stock market row material market sectors and perhaps the human resource and international sectore.

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