What Is Task Environment?


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This is synonymous to the market environment

An organisation functions within a certain market environment, that is, the second sub-environment which lies just outside the business. The variables in the market environment will influence the enterprise to some extent. It is the task of management to evaluate these variables and their influence on the business, to recommend strategies to utilise the opportu-
nities in the market environment and to counteract threats from, among others, competitors so as to ensure the long-term survival of the business.

The Task environment includes the sub-environments (but not restricted to) namely
1. Consumers
2. Competitors
3. Intermediaries
4. Suppliers

These variables will affect the business, which makes it imperative for management to react to opportunities and threats in the market environment.

The market environment has a strong influence on the success or failure of the business, the principal task of marketing management in this environment is therefore to identify, evaluate and utilise any opportunities that arise in this market, and to identify, evaluate and eliminate any threats that arise, so as to meet competition.
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Would the task environment of a new Internet-based company be the same as that of a government welfare agency? Why or why not?

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