How To Draw An ER Diagram Of An Account Transaction In A Bank?


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Unfortunately I am not sure how to draw an ER diagram of an account transaction, and I cannot find any information about how to draw one on the Internet. But below are a series of steps that you can follow to create an entity relationship (ER) diagram.

To create an ER diagram you will need a software program that can create flowchart shapes and connectors. This task can also be completed in Paint, but using a software program will give you the best results.

• Open up the software program and select "File" then "New Drawing". A blank page will open.
• Go back to the heading "File" and then select "Shapes". Once you are here select "Visio Extras" and then "Connectors". You will be shown a list of Visio connectors.
• Click inside the "Search for Shapes" that will be displayed. Type entity into the window and then click on the arrow to perform a search. Once the results have been returned to you, drag and drop "entity 2" onto your newly opened blank page.
• Copy and paste the "Entity 2" that you have just placed in the document. There will now be two entities present.
• Drag and drop these two shapes so that they are horizontal to each other. Underneath the "Shapes" box you will see another that says "Connectors", click this and select one. Drag and drop the connector between the two entities. Adjust the connector so that it is touching both sides of the two entities.
• Double click your mouse on the first entity and a dialog box will open. In this, type "Order". Double click on the second entity and type "Items". When you have done this, you will have successfully created an entity relationship that shows the relationship that exists between the "Order" entity and the "Items" entity.

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