What Is The Opportunity Cost For Attending College?


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Lois Dawes answered
Attending Colleg will provide you the opportunity to meet more "like minded" persons than you would in the wider world...sort of being a part of the biblical "house"..where you get identifiable leadership and focused information, yet ironically thier is a diversity of options also presented in  "focuses" way.

The wider world gives you less information in a longer time, but provides more practical information.

By participating in extra-curricular in college you can get practical application for thing you learn in the classroom.

Most of all College can give you more time to define for yourself who you are and exactly what you want to do (ie. Find your purpose) to serve God, as you contribute to the development of the wider world.

On the "outside of college' there are so many "survival demands" the surrounding  of the many roads might prevent you for knowing you and which road to take.

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