Why Do We Need To Study Banking And Finance?


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Y do we study banking and finance
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Business administration and management majors need to take an unusually diverse variety of classes, since they need to be able to deal with so many different aspects of a business. They need to have a strong background in the financial aspects of business as well as the interpersonal aspects. Students need to take courses in finance and usually statistics, so it's important to be comfortable with moderately complicated number crunching. Typical courses include:

    * Accounting
    * Finance
    * Human Relations
    * Marketing
    * Microeconomics
    * Macroeconomics
    * Industrial Psychology
    * Statistics
    * Interpersonal Communication
    * Group Communication

In addition, many business administration and management programs offer specialties in human resource management, small business management, entrepreneurship, or nonprofit management. Some schools require students to specialize in one of these areas.
What are the Advantages & Disadvantages of this Major?

The main advantage of this major is its flexibility. This major is excellent preparation for many different areas in the working world. However, this flexibility can also be seen as a disadvantage. As a student, you really need to be good at a lot of different things-- crunching numbers, interpersonal communication, group communication, writing, and problem solving.
What Careers are Possible With this Major?

This major leads to many different careers. Students commonly start out in one specific field, such as finance, marketing, or accounting, and then move into management positions. Human resource management is one common area that graduates from this major choice. Other students go on to become entrepreneurs or go into international business. Many students in this area go on to earn MBAs (Master of Business Administration).

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