What Would Business Life Be Without The Bill Of Rights?


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Most parts of the Bill of Rights have a substantial impact on business:

Freedom of speech allows business to promote their products.

One of the keys to why business in this country has been so successful is the fourth amendment protection from unreasonable search and seizure and the fifth amendment due process and private property clauses ensures that people will be willing to invest their money into a business knowing that the government won't be able to "nationalize" it without the business having committed some serious crime. This is one of the reasons why third world nations have remained poor - every time some business has some success and accumulates some wealth the "President/General Dejour" seizes it "in the name of the people" and funnels the proceeds into his Swiss bank account.

The sixth and seventh amendment right to trial by jury is the key to actually providing the protections of the fourth and fifth amendments. A government agency that would seize the assets of a business usually can't do so without a jury of citizens consenting to it.
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Life Without the 1st Amendment

You must only follow government-sponsored religion. You are under arrest!

Life Without The 3rd Amendment

What are you doing in my house? Is that my spaghetti?

Life Without the 8th Amendment

You're found guilty of stealing from the candy store! You are sentenced to eat your weight in 10 minutes...or you get the electric chair!

In this scenario, the police are arresting the priest for practicing his religion. Under the 1st Amendment in the Bill of Rights, each citizen has the right to practice any religion they desire.

By the 3rd Amendment, the government cannot quarter, or house, soldiers in the private homes of citizens, without permission. In this scenario, a man is coming home to a house full of soldiers.

In this scenario, a man is found guilty of petty theft and is being punished by eating his weight in candy or being executed. In the 8th amendment, the courts cannot enforce "cruel or unusual punishment" on a guilty party.

Life Without The Bill of Rights

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First off, the bill of rights itself does not have any amendments. The first 10 amendments in the constitution have been collectively called the bill of rights. The bill of rights enables the congress to have the power to lay and gather income tax according to the 16th amendment of the constitution. I think this is the only amendment that has impacted business. For big businesses, to pay enormous amounts of tax on their income affects the costs and the way the business operates. Businesses had to hire employees who would enumerate tax that has to be paid by the business. This amendment has greatly changed the way business operates and has also caused the businessmen to engage in scams related to income tax frauds.
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I think that the first amendment is the most important.

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