What Is The Difference Between Computerized Accounting System And Manual Accounting?


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Manual accounting means that records are maintain by person not by machine. Whole efforts are by person i.e., recording the journal and posting into ledger then appearing into trail balance for profit lose account and balance sheet. It takes time and but cheep and low skills.    In computerized accounting records are also maintain by person but with help of computer. All accounting cycle is completed by computer which is faster than manual costly and require high skills.  Computerized accounting innovation is adopted by growing companies to overcome challenges
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In the physical sense,
example manual-whether with a pen or pencil you enter all bookkeeping entries to paper, book, notebook etc. And figure out the profits, expenses, etc. (ie: Accounting records, reports, taxes) with a calculator or with your mind,
example computerized-you enter all the bookkeeping transactions, income and expenses through a keyboard, or some automated reader(micr) into a computer that has an accounting program that calculates all your companies profits, expenses, etc. (ie: Accounting records, reports, taxes) automatically through the computerized program.
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