How Do I Find Out If Someone Is Paying Child Support?


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The first, and fairly obvious answer, should be to simply ask the person in question. In a solid relationship built on mutual trust, this should not be a major problem, in particular if child support is being paid for a child from a previous relationship.

In today's society, few people have only one relationship throughout their life, and this possibility simply has to be allowed for and accepted. If this is the case, the individual should have nothing to hide and confirm if he is paying support.

If it is suspected that support is being paid for a child conceived by another woman during a relationship, this may be somewhat more of a problem.

It is likely that trust within the relationship is already at a premium and the person questioned may not wish to admit to their mistake.

This in turn opens up a whole load of other questions and how this is to be dealt with greatly depends how strong the relationship remains as a whole.

Bringing the question into the open and simply asking should, however, be the first option. If this is not an option under any circumstances, it may be wise to have a close look at the relationship in general.

If absolutely necessary, it may be possible to get the required information from the relevant child support agency. This will involve the knowledge of various bits of information.

Data protection laws make it impossible for agencies to divulge personal information without the enquiring party providing some sort of identification to confirm their eligibility for access.

It is likely that the person's social security number will be required. There is also a possibility that a case number or perhaps the name of the child possible support is being paid for will have to be provided.

I assume you mean you want to know whether the child support amount that is being paid is appropriate according to the child's age and the county in which the child lives. If this isn't right, I'm sorry, but your question is worded in a confusing manner. After all, wouldn't you be aware if child support is being paid for one of your kids?
Child support laws vary from state to state and each state has its own methods for determining the payment amount and how a child's age factors into that amount. In most cases, states lean toward the idea that the number of children in a household is an influencing factor and that school age children actually merit higher levels of child support payments, as there are additional expenses related to school that impact a custodial parent's ability to care for the child.

These expenses can include:

  • Medical care
  • Tuition
  • school lunches
  • after school care
  • books
  • other school supplies
  • clothing or school uniforms
  • and any number of other costs

The cost of living in a particular area also influences child support payment amounts. It is important to keep in mind that child support amounts are established by a rating scale and that scale is set by the state child support laws.

Child support laws are established at the state level but they are enforced at the county level. In other words, payments are collected and distributed through county court decrees and non-payment is also handled at the county level, as well. The county of authority is that in which the child lives rather than the county of the non-custodial parent, if they are different. To find out more information about your particular situation, you should contact your county child support agency office.

The agency office is typically housed at the county courthouse or other government office facilities. You can find the listings of phone numbers for these offices by visiting your county government website or by looking them up in a hardcopy phone book.
If your relationship is so lacking in intimacy that you don't know such important things about your partner you shouldn't be letting them drive your car in the first place! Ask them and then check their answer by calling the family court in your county and asking them. If you find out you've been lied to, get the keys, fill the tank, and hit the road!
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Go back to the judge who ordered the support and someone in his office should be able to tell you, you will need the child's name and court order number.  Hope this is helpful
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I need to know if my dad is paying child support

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