What Is Current Selkirk Propane Price?


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The Selkirk propane price is determined by market fluctuations, with the given prices being made available to retailers. Since 2008, prices have averaged between $1.50 and $2.00, with prices varying on a day-to-day basis.

This is considered to be a commodity price that reflects what price the propane is trading at any given time. Retailers will generally add to the commodity price to account for the delivery charges and to make a profit of their own.

The average consumer will not generally have access to the current price, due to the price being proprietary, and only made available to propane retailers. For those who are propane retailers, there are ways to easily find out the Selkirk propane price.

One way to keep updated on the current propane prices is to subscribe to a market pricing site. A site that provides current pricing up to four times a day is, which offers a range of helpful tools for retailers.

The Butane-Propane News offers a weekly newsletter that details the price of propane. It is offered in the form of an easy-to-read .pdf document that also covers other important news directly relating to the industry.

Most companies that supply propane to retailers will list the commodity price to allow their customers to set prices more easily. One company that practices this policy is Pyrofax Energy, which services New York and the western New England region.

If one has the ability to access key industry publications, they can easily find out the current price. Since this does vary considerably, this question is best answered by accessing the appropriate publications.

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