How Do I Start A Business In Korea?


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Please could you tell me what I need to open a trade company in Korea ?
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First, you need to fill out two forms of business license applications at local gov't office, then you have to go to local tax office to set up your trade company.
You will need your ID, lease contract, business license you know common needs. But, since you are foreigner you must register to get foreigner ID first. Its very easy just like a you do business in States. Hope it helps you.
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First of all you need to seek permission from Korean government to do business in Korea. Second thing you need to make a plan how would to start it and hire some local people in Korea. If you will go for joint venture then it is easy for you to start your wine business in Korea as compared to starting a new venture in Korea. You can take all detail information about starting a business in Korea from this website at www.austrade.or.krservices/etiquette.html

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