What Are The Uses,advantages And Disadvantages Of Lead-acid Accumulator?


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Advantage of lead acid accumulator are:

They have myriad uses and are one of the most useful batteries with the longest life cycle, the greatest energy density per pound, and the most mature recycling infrastructure of similarly priced batteries
The lead acid battery is simple and inexpensive to manufacture.
Capable of high discharge rates

It cannot be stored in a discharged condition. With low energy density,poor weight-to-energy density limits its use to stationary and wheeled applications.
They allow only a limited number of full discharge cycles well suited for standby applications that require only occasional deep discharges.

The electrolyte and the lead content can cause environmental damage, which is environmentally unfriendly

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A lead acid accumulator battery is a battery having lead electrodes with diluted sulphuric acid acting as electrolyte. It has many uses. It is used in automobiles as a storage battery. Similarly it is used in motor boats etc. It is also used in emergency power supplies.
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They are a cheap method of providing good capacity automobile batteries, but they are damaging to the environment and they are heavy.

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