What Are The Quality Control Methods Which Are Used In The Business?


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Quality controls are the policies and procedure which are adopted by the business or firm in order to provide the sufficient assurance to the business that all the audit which are conducted on the business by a firm are carried out according the rules and principles of the auditing and accounting and they are following the standards which are made by the International Accounting Standards. The reason for the quality control objectives is to control the quality of the procedures which are necessary to complete the task and establish the proper standard. A audit firm can adopt the quality control methods and policies which incorporate the different objectives of the business and should provide the security to the business.

The personal in the firm should follow the principle of the integrity, confidentiality, clearance and objectivity which are given in the code of ethics which every business should follow to follow the standards. The firm should be staffed by the personnel who have accomplished and sustain the skills and capability necessary to allow them to fulfill their responsibilities. Audit work should be allocated to staff that have the amount of scientific training and proficiency required in the conditions. So this is how the business can use the controls.

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