What Are The Qualities Of Effective Business Letter?


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Language: Good composition is important in commercial correspondence. A well-written letter will be valuable on the reader. A personal meet can be substituted by a good letter written in good language. A letter must have a good start to create an impression on the reader. In a business letter, proverb, and poetry have no place. To be simple, idioms, long phrases etc. should be avoided. The main object of business corresponĀ¬dence is to communicating a definite message clearly, quickly and in an interesting manner.

Clarity: Literary language should be avoided to create a clear and straight forward meaning; a good letter shows its idea directly and clearly. Each sentence must be as simple as possible. Whatever has to be communicated must be stated clearly, Clarity can be attained only when we have a clear idea of what we want to say.

Coherence (connection): A letter must be so well-planned that the reader is able to understand it even on the, first reading. A lifeless business letter may not have any effect on the reader. If there are many subjects to be stated, the letter may be divided into paragraphs and written step by step. If the letter is confusing, the reader has to read the letter again and again.
The qualities of an effective business letter are as follows:

  1. The letter should be very neatly written, letterhead, paper should be of a very good quality to make a good impression.

  2. The address, citation should be correct and clear, like Mr, Mrs, Dr, Ms should be absolutely right, should not make a mistake, the name should not have any spelling mistakes.

  3. The initials, designation of the person should be correct no errors in that, it is a very sensitive issue.

  4. The letter should have no grammatical, spelling errors

  5. Letter should have a subject so that the person immediately would come to know the contents of the letter.

  6. It should have a reference number and should always be dated.

  7. The main contents of the letter should be precise and to the point

  8. One should not make a business letter too long since no one has so much time today to go through long drawn out letter

  9. There should be paragraphs which are short, long long paragraphs are too boring to read.

  10. You can make it in point form

  11. It should be formally written, starting with Dear Mr and ending with Yours faithfully.
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Characteristics of business letter
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I would like to give you the qualities in phrases which are needful in any business letter.
-  The Start
Dear Sir/Madam,
-  The Reference
With reference to your advertisement
-  The Reason for Writing
I am writing to inquire
-  Requesting
Could you
-  Agreeing to Requests
I would be delighted to
-  Giving Bad News
-  Enclosing Documents
I am enclosing
-  Closing Remarks
Thank you for your help
-  Reference to Future Contact
I look forward

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In a good business letter we should be careful with the matter as it should be urging the reader to take timely action. In letters, Reports, Memorandums and all other business correspondence there are 9 qualities which we should keep in our mind in order to make our letter more inspiring and attentive. All those 9 qualities are known as 9 C's because all those qualities comes with the "C" letter.

I know I am giving some other answer which is even not asked but still giving this one because I am finding 9C's, and failed to reach to them...

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