What Is Business Proposal And What It Is Used For?


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Steven Vakula answered
It is a proposal for a business transaction or venture that someone is seeking to implement. It would state the business, what is to be done, when how, the product or services to be provided, the cost and time frame.
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Nouman Umar answered
The business proposal is a offer from one person who is selling something to the other person who has need to buy that thing is called the business proposal. There are different kinds of business proposals which are ranging from the one page letter to the detail 10 pages summary so it depend on the different business and nature of the business. In the business usually in the large organization the business proposal are in the written form are given to the individual or group which contains all the relevant information about a specific proposal of the business. So when the two parties are agree to some business proposal then they make the contract between them.

So in the technical product sales the proposal are very commonly use in the business. Sometimes the proposal is made on the request of the buyer in order to buy certain products at the certain terms and conciliations. So this is a legal document which is used in the business today. A good business proposal contains all the relevant information about the seller products and services. So the business proposals are very important in the day to day business activities. So it serves as a presentation for the business to another business.

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