What Is E-Business?


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E-Business in simple words means conduction business on the internet. It not only involves buying and selling but also servicing and providing technical support to customers and partnering with business associates.

Most of us feel that e-Business and e-commerce mean the same thing. The term 'e-commerce' has a narrower meaning than 'e-business' and refers to using the Internet to order and pay for products or services. So e-commerce is a sub-set of e-business.

One among the first to use the term e-Business was IBM in October 1997, when it started a thematic campaign based around the term.

Today companies are using the internet to buy parts and supplies from other companies, to collaborate on sales promotions, and to do joint research. To exploit the advantages of convenience, availability, and world-wide reach of the Internet, many companies, such as, the book sellers, has already discovered how to use the Internet successfully.

A lot of direct selling (or e-tailing) is happening on the Internet of computer-related equipment and software. One of the first to report sales in the millions of dollars directly from the Web was Dell Computer. Travel bookings directly or indirectly as a result of Web research are becoming significant. Custom-orderable golf clubs and similar specialties are considered good prospects for the immediate future.
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eBusiness Is Equal To Online Business Or Virtual Business...

To Summarize, e-Business Is A Business On The Internet With A Product Or Service Or, 'Purpose' To Market To It's Prospects.

Success Traits For A Business Online Involves For Example;

- Marketing Ethically To It's Niche Audience
- Providing Quality Support And Help
- Managing The Brand's Reputation
- Keeping A Clean History Of Satisfied Clients

Those Are Roles A Business Must Deal With To Stay On Top Of It's Competitors And To Win Costumers' Trust...

Hope I Helped!
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E. Business means that business which you hold on the internet. The online business is E.Business.
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E-Business is a business which do through on line. "E" means electronic. We can sale or purchased any thing from any wher at any time

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