How Can I Get Fund Release Order?


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The only place from which you should get a fund release order is the Financial Service Authority (the FSA); any other firm claiming to provide fund release order certificates is illegitimate. The FSA can be contacted online or over the phone. It is highly recommended to conduct business with the FSA over the phone rather than online, as a number of scam organization have, in the past, mimicked the FSA and stolen from hundreds of vulnerable customers.

• Scamming

Over the past decade, many people have fallen fowl to fraudulent organizations which claim to offer fund release orders. These organizations may contact individuals by email, post or even over the phone. They firstly claim you are entitled to a large fund release; this could be in the region of thousands of pounds. However, in order to receive this money, you must hand over a number of personal details as well as an initial payment of a few hundred pounds. Of course, after giving your details and cash you never do receive your payout. Any company that asks for money upfront - no matter how official it seems - should be avoided at all costs. Get your fund release orders only from the official FSA organization.

• The Financial Service Authority

The FSA is the body responsible for the regulation of financial services throughout the United Kingdom (even if their services are provided to customers abroad, such as those in the United States). It is owned by the UK government. As of 2012, the FSA will be no more, as the government plans to overhaul the system. Instead, a number of separate agencies will take over the tasks of the FSA. The government believes this will improve the quality of the services provided in holding financial companies to account when things go wrong.

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