What Are The Ways The Auditor Use In Order To Vouch The Different Source Of Income Of The Business?


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The auditor can vouch interest income. He can examine investment ledger. He can see the total amount of interest for the year. He can vouch cashbook for the interest received for the year. He can vouch cashbook for the interest received as income on investment. The auditor can check the interest account kept by the management. The total interest collected is recorded. The interest due is recorded through adjustment entry at the end of the year. The interest due can be checked. The auditor can vouch the cashbook for dividend income. The dividend warrant is received from the company. It is paid into back for collection. The cashbook entry is compared with the amount of dividend warrant. The shareholder declares the dividend at the end of the year.

The copy of resolution can be checked to note the rate of dividend. The information can be collected direct from the company office. The auditor can vouch rent income with the help of rent register. The name of tenant, the rate of rent and period may be stated in it. The rent register must be examined in detail to know true position. The auditor should vouch the rent receipts. When rent income is collected the receipt is issue to the customer. The carbon copies of such receipts can be checked with the cashbook entries for vouching purpose.

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