Can Anyone Explain Flow Chart In Internal Control Auditing?


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Flow charts are graphs which show the movement of documents. The auditor can adopt this method to record internal control system. The flow chart shoe though graphs about the system working in the business. The existence and movement of document is stated. The sequence and record of operations performed is depicted.

Segregation of staff duties is shown. The internal check working in the business is noted. Accounting procedure for many business aspects can be recorded. The flow chart can pinpoint the good and weak points of internal control system become possible due to flow chart. It also provide in function about accounting system.

The flow chart shows the movement of documents and information relating to space and time. The horizontal and vertical lines are used in the flow chart. The horizontal lines indicate flow in space while vertical lines indicate movement in time. The name of the client is written on the top. The detail of operation is stated. The initial of the expert with date are also recorded on it. The left hand side of the chart is used to narrate the operation and their number. The remaining part can be used for departmental and employees.

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