Can You Describe The Major Function Of The Business?


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Business involves creation and distribution of goods with the object of earning profit. A businessman conducts this process for his own interest. It also includes the mining, communication and transportations.

Planning and controlling function is one of the most difficult functions in the business undertaking; it is largely concerned with the determination of policy for plant and following them through production.

Engineering department in large technical industries advice the supervisors on technical matters. Research, development and designing of the product function are often performed under the engineering department.
Finance is the most important function in the private enterprise by which all the activities are conducted. The funds are in the custody of treasurer who is liable for all types o payments belonging to money.
Manufacturing is primarily concerned with the conversion of raw material into finished or intermediate goods. In other words it is the creation of form utility.
The personnel function is conducted by personnel department, which is also named as industrial relation department. Organization, establishing, policies, staff development as promotion policies, training programme, remuneration, relationship scheme through trade unions, counseling, costing, budgeting and record keeping.
Accounting department performs a professional service to business. Accountant or chief accountant is in-charge of this department who conducts and supervises the financing.
Purchasing is one of the highly important functions in manufacturing organization. There are several specialists in their respective fields in the purchase department who also increase the efficiency of work and help to maintain reasonable prices of the product.

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