Can You Describe The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Visual Aids In Business Communication?discuss In Details.


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One should be aware of the advantages and disadvantage of the various
forms of visual aid used in business communication.

Handouts are mostly used material for presentation. They are easy to use and have no audio/video problems. But there main disadvantage is that they are a main source of distraction, have a low impact on the audience and not so persuasive. Flipcharts & Whiteboards are inexpensive and easy to use. But the visibility might be a problem for back bencher and audience might lose the interest because of low impact

Another visual aid is Slide Shows. They are professionally good for getting audience attention and might have a good impact if the speaker is good. But in this technique one is dependent upon power; therefore it is prone to technical failure. Overhead Projectors are very common and easy to use equipment but has the same disadvantage as Slide Shows that is: It requires power supply and is prone to technical failure.

Now the latest and most widely used techniques are Video and Graphics. They have normally high impact and are more easily understood by the audience. The disadvantage is that this technique require special software programs and might be expensive as well.

and so on. But in short all of these techniques have more advantages as compared to their drawbacks.
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People absorb seventy five percent of information visually. Visual aids can be extremely effective in sharing information in business communications. Graphs, pie charts, etc. Give an almost instantaneous impression of ratios and percentages. It's the old "picture is worth a thousand words" saw brought to life. You must exercise caution, however, to not let the medium become the message. Too many visual aids can detract from the meaning of the communication or presentation.
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There are many advantages and disadvantages but I just cannot come up with any now

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