What Type Of Positional Mix Strategy Lever Brother Is Using For Lipton Yellow Lable?


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A push strategy is one of the promotional strategies in which company uses its marketing skills to promote their product in order to create demand for that product.

A pull strategy is one of the promotional strategies, which is targeted towards the consumers, in contrast to push strategy, which is targeted towards the intermediaries. Using the pull strategy the producer directs its marketing activities towards final consumers to induce them to buy the product.

Lever brothers follow a pull strategy (not in true sense read following paragraph) in promoting Lipton Yellow Label. The reason is simple, Lipton is not an old product it has lots of consumers and those consumers are loyal to the product so maintain the brand loyalty they have to concentrate more on the consumers and they are doing that not only by sales promotion and advertising but organizing functions and parties, Nazia , Zohaib, Hadiqa and Ali Haider are a major part of their promotional campaign.

However it should be noted over here that Lever brothers uses a combination of both pull and push strategies as it used trade promotions for the intermediaries but more concentration is towards the pull strategy.

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