What Are Those Precautions Which A Banker Should Adopt Before Opening An Account?


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Various precautions which must be observed by the banker before opening a new account are following.Before opening an account the banker should obtain satisfactory introduction from the applicant. If a new account is opened with out introduction it may create problems for the bankers.

A banker must obtain specimen signature on account opening form and also on the card.
The account opening form is an important document it must be filled neatly and correctly.
At the time of opening an account the banker should get the information about the character and capital of the customer's tactfully.

New account should be opened only with cash. In case of cheque it may create any problem for the banker.Cheque book should not be issued to the new customer unless there is a reasonable balance in the account.
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A banker should adotp the following precautions before openning account for a cutomer an applicant.

A banker should obtain an application for openning of an account from the cutomer .
In case of openning of current account , he should make sure that the applicant provides valid refrees -usually two refrees.

He should obtain information about the behaviour and the kind of business that the applicant is doing.

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