What Is The Importance Of Being An Honest Accountant?


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It is very important to be an honest accountant for a number of reasons. The most significant and most obvious reason is morality. As an accountant, either working for an individual or a firm, has a huge responsibility on their head. An accountant is liable not only for his own actions, but for the reactions that are caused by his work. Business revolves around money.

There is money coming into the company, as well as going out. If proper count is not kept of that cash, then wrong business decisions can be made, people can lose their jobs, and the company can end up dissolving. An accountant should be honest because the future livelihood of himself, as well as of others, depends a lot on his proper book-keeping skills.

Another reason an accountant should be honest is if they want to establish themselves as a competent worker in this profession. If they do their job dishonestly, they will sooner or later get caught, and even if they escape incarceration (which is another reason not to be dishonest), they will have definitely ruined their reputation in this field of work. It is very difficult for someone in this field to be hired again by another company if their past records speak of dishonesty.

These were just a few reasons, but the most significant, of why it is important to be an honest accountant.

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