What Is The Traditional Development Approach?


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In traditional system development, the phases of systems development are carried out in a present order. (1) Preliminary investigation, 2) system analysis, 3)system design, 4) system acquisition, and 5) system implementation. Each phase begins only when the one before it is completed. Often the traditional approach is revised for the development of large transaction, processing systems.

Because the traditional approach is usual expensive and extensive, it normally is carried out by knowledgeable professionals that is, by system analysts. Traditional systems development requires system users to consider proposed system plans by looking at detailed diagrams, detailed reports and the specification of proposed new system.

The entire system is planned and built and built before anyone gets to use it or test it. As each phase of development is completed, users sign off on the recommendations presented to them by the analyst, indicating their acceptance. Many organizations have lost faith in the traditional approach tro system development. for many types of systems projects. First, by using this approach it often takes too long to analyze, design and implement new needs that were not part of the original plan have surfaced. Second, the system developed often turns out to be the wrong one.

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