What Are Different Types Of Printing In Industry?


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Printing is a process of transferring an image or a text on a specific substrate. There are different types of printing technologies in use these days. The most important types are rotogravure printing, lexicographic printing, and off-set printing. In rotogravure printing technique the image is engraved on a rotogravure cylinder the rotogravure cylinder then picks up the ink from an ink tray, which is then transferred on the substrate under pressure being exerted by an impression roller.

The other type of printing is lexicographic printing which is more like a stamping process in this case the ink is applied on a photopolymer plate the plate is made of special polymer which is then chemically etched. After etching of the design the photopolymer is given some ink through a roller called the anilox roller. Once the ink is received it is transferred to the substrate through a main drum. The quality of the print depends upon the ink viscosity, ink hardness of the drum and the pressure exerted by the photopolymer. The inks used in lexicographic and rotogravure process is solvent based ink however in offset printing process the ink sued is water based in which we have a blanket cylinder mounted with a blanket on which design is made.
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There are several types of printing styles and services. Just know the various types and choose the one that matches your needs.

The different types of printing are as follows:

1. Digital printing: This type of printing is suitable for recurring printing.

2. Offset printing: This ensures good quality of printing and also customers links could be used here.

3. Flexography: This is the upgraded version of the letterpress. With this, you can print on a wide variety of materials.

Duratran is known to offer quality services at economical costs. There are various other types of printing services also, choose the one that seems the most appropriate to you.

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Whatever type of printing you choose I think that you would need a good cartridge that helps your printer to do its job longer. Here is a link for you where you can choose the cartridge that would fit your printer Wish you well.

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Depending on the type of printing, such as booklets, business cards, restaurant menus and up to canvas, printing prices can vary significantly from provider to provider. Depending on the quality of the equipment and the print speed, the print provider may charge higher prices than the competitor. For comparison, look for reviews of printing copies fast providers to understand what services and at what price they offer. Good luck.

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