What Is The Use Of MS Excel In Commerce?


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Computerized Worksheet & Workbook:

Different tasks in commerce are performed using worksheet and workbook. MS Excel provides computerized worksheet and workbook. It provides an easy and efficient way of maintaining data in these worksheets.

Stock Handling:

MS Excel can be used to handle the stock of an organization. It provides many facilities for commerce people to perform complex calculations in stock management.

Account Handling:

MS Excel can be used to handle the accounting system of an organization. Accounting system manages the daily transactions of an organization. MS Excel can be used to prepare balance sheet, trial balance, ledger and other information related to accounts.

Record Keeping:

Excel can be used in commerce for record keeping. An organization can manage data in Excel. It provides many facilities to store a large volume of data easily and efficiently.

Quick Calculations:

The data stored in Excel can be processed easily. Different types of calculations can be performed on this data in less time. MS Excel provides many built-in functions to perform different calculations.

Automatic Recalculation:

MS Excel provides the facility of automatic recalculation. If the user applies some calculation on data, it is automatically recalculated if the data is changed.

Graphical Representation:

MS Excel provides the facility of presenting data graphically. It provides different types of charts. These charts display the data in an attractive and easy to understand way.
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Any accounting function that you can imagine, can be applied in MS excel. However, it is only for the small level business.
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  excel is generally used for account handling of small business. However, at
  larger level, MS excel is not recommended.
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Many small
  organizations use MS excel just for record maintenance. For MS excel, you
  don't need precise knowledge of datebase design.

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